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Learn more about the experience of our Livability Nash College community:

Poppy on the student council

Poppy Student at Livability Nash College

Poppy, who loves classroom sessions and communicates verbally, represents her peer group at the weekly Student Council. This is something she is passionate about: ‘I have learned to speak more clearly. I make sure all students have a voice, even the ones who can’t speak. It’s very important.’

She says gaining independence is the most vital thing students learn at Nash: ‘Do as much by yourself as possible. And don’t underestimate us.’

Umesh and independence

Umesh Student at Livability Nash College

Umesh has made steady progress at college but was not finding it easy to engage in the classroom setting. When staff offered Umesh a range of activities and learning environments, he was enthusiastic about working outdoors in the community, at a country park project. He has pushed himself physically to complete independent tasks such as using a wheelbarrow, and is now working on following instructions for more challenging tasks.

Our son has blossomed at Nash

Brian James Parent of a student

Jonathan’s confidence has blossomed, due in no small part to the staff’s incredible flexibility and ingenuity.

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Music and sport

Sam Student at Livability Nash College

Sam gets fully involved in life at Nash. He enjoys music and sports sessions. Keen to take responsibility for practical tasks, he goes out of his way to engage with others, in college and the community. Sam’s confidence has grown hugely and he’s no longer withdrawn and uncommunicative.

Working part-time in a cafe

Denzel Student at Livability Nash College

Denzel made such good progress at his café work placement that he was offered a paid, part-time job after he leaves college. At first, Denzel needed his support worker close by and didn’t interact with customers. Now he greets and helps customers, and takes initiative with tasks.

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Huge increase in Andrew's mobility

Andrew Student at Livability Nash College

Andrew’s mobility has improved hugely at Nash. A wheelchair user when he joined college, he now leaves his chair at home, uses a walking frame at college and can walk unsupported and use stairs. He can move independently in the water during hydrotherapy and enjoys simple racket games, as well as getting out into the community to take first lessons in sailing and archery.

Transformed by his time at Nash

Sonny Student at Nash College

When Sonny first arrived at Nash, he was very nervous. He was anxious around new people and cried a lot. Now... he can hold a conversation - he went to the Governors Meeting and gave a whole 10 minutes speech about what he'd done.

If Sonny hadn't come to Nash College, he'd be completely different. The opportunities he's had have helped him grow and feel confident about who he is.